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Using the Seek Thermal Camera

Today I played around with the seek thermal camera, learning how to use the software and figuring out the general capabilities of this new device. Over all the device is pretty cool, and there are many uses that I can use this for on the race car despite the limitations of the software. Here is…

Using Sqlite3 in your IOS application part 1

This blog entry covers how to incorporate a SQL database into your IOS application using Sqlite.  In my previous blog entry “Building SQLite into your IOS applications”, we built a static library from the latest SQLite Amalgamation source code.  Now we will build a test application to test the library. xcode project setup For this…

Building SQLite into your IOS applications

When I first started with IOS development, I used SQLite as the main database engine for my first iPhone application, AutoXLogger.  I recently started looking at the effort involved to revive this project and update it for IOS 7.0 and beyond. The version of SQLite that ships with Xcode is quite old and it lacks many…

Big iPhone/iPad Update Now Available

Big iPhone/iPad Update Now Available. wordpress has updated their apps on the IPhone and IPad.  The new code is much easier to use,  I almost don’t have to use a browser to post to my blog now. Big iPhone/iPad Update Now Available was last modified: August 25th, 2012 by chrisw52