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LD200 gear change video

I found this excellent video on how to change your gear set on the LD200 transmission. In this video, the author doesn’t use the dummy layshaft which only changes the rebuild steps laid out in “How to change your gear set on a Hewland LD200” a little. youtube video credits: Adam Fathers LD200 gear change…

what does 1.2 seconds look like?

So what does 1.2 seconds look like on an autocross course? In this video, the main view is my fastest run, while the picture in picture view is my second run of the day. 2nd run time: 52.493 4th run time: 51.659 Looks like I lost most of the time in the first part of…

AAS round 12

Ran with AAS again on Sunday. The car felt really well balanced, but I am still limited by the shocks. Today was the first time that I experienced wheel hop under braking… no bueno.. AAS round 12 was last modified: September 27th, 2015 by chrisw52