RF98 Van Diemen for sale

RF98 Van Diemen for sale.

I just spent the past couple years refreshing this formula ford in preparation for a transition from autocrossing to road racing.  But sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic caught up to my job and after running the numbers, I have to let this go.

I know you have heard it before, but this car is just about ready to go racing.  this year I was supposed to get the log book and competition license.  I was planning to develop the chassis while autocrossing, then start road racing next year.  But the pandemic hit instead and with the racing shut down, I cannot get the log book (yet)

The previous owner had already started the refresh when I bought the chassis.   When I purchased it, it already had a new fuel cell, and floor, bonded and riveted.  The bell housing is one of the hard to find magnesium alloy units.

When I bought the car, I paid about $9,000 for the chassis, and along with the sale I ordered a new suspension.  Through out the build I eventually bought all the new parts from the previous owner along with a lot of parts coming from Primus and motorsports west.

Lots of new parts were used in this build

new Engine parts:

  • new front upper mount
  • new engine studs
  • new oil lines
  • new fuel pump
  • new quartermaster flywheel
  • new Tilton clutch & pressure plate
  • new Tilton slave cylinder
  • new valve cover
  • new air filter
  • new billet oil tank swirl pot.

Chassis parts:

  • new body panels (left & right)
  • new side pod floors (left & right)
  • new radiators (left & right)
  • new radiator trays
  • new radiator ducts
  • new side pod covers
  • new rear crossbeam
  • new front skid plate
  • all new spacers and reducers through out the chassis

Suspension parts (all 4 corners!!!)

  • New wishbones & rod ends
  • new steering track rods
  • new billet Van Diemen universal uprights from Primus
  • new block rear upright pieces
  • new wheel studs 
  • new axles (hollow)
  • new wheel bearings
  • new two new hubs
  • new OZ wheels from Primus Racing
  • new tripod housings (inner and outer)
  • new tripod joints
  • new tripod boots
  • new axles nuts
  • new steering arms
  • new Wilwood WLD20 brake calipers
  • new KFP magnum red brake pads
  • new brake lines
  • new velocityhaus toe kits
  • new velocityhaus pushrod shim kits


  • new brake bias adjuster cable
  • new battery covers
  • new battery   
  • new pedal assembly (throttle, brake, clutch)
  • new steering column
  • new AIM EVO4s Data logger 
  • new AIM GS Dash
  • new HP laptop for data logger 
  • new wiring harness

Used Parts in the refresh:

  • LD-200 (10:31) – purchased this from Greg Rice @ RaceRice Prep – $5500
  • Penske 8760 shocks – $4000
  • exhaust system
  • supertrap muffler – this has been measured @93db at WOT with no discs installed.
  • lower front engine mount
  • oil pan
  • engine cover
  • front nose (with laminated honeycomb crash structure)
  • front shock cover & cowl.
  • front brake hubs
  • brake rotors – these are the heavy PFC formula continental rotors.
  • full jabrock skid plate
  • And a lot more that I am forgetting about.


  • full set of wishbones with all rod ends & hardware
  • new velocityhaus billet uprights 
  • 2 axles
  • lots of extra nut & bolts (AN) and miscellaneous parts. 
  • gears for the LD-200 (see inventory below)
  • quickJack
  • Velocityhaus carbon fiber Van Diemen alignment bars
  • I have some two part foam and a seat bag included with the sale.

Gear inventory:

first gears

  • 13/37  – 2.846 with fixed layshaft
  • 17/30  – 1.765 with regular layshaft

top gears

  • 16/35 – 2.188
  • 19/33 – 1.737
  • 19/32 – 1.684
  • 2×17/28 – 1.647
  • 16/24 – 1.5
  • 22/30 – 1.364
  • 21/27 – 1.286
  • 19/23 – 1.211
  • 26/29 – 1.115
  • 22/28 – 1.272

the bad:

  • the shocks need to be serviced.  I have not had the opportunity to do this yet.
  • race tires just look like race tires; they are 3 years old and have a hardness similar to the tires on the tow vehicle.
  • safety harness is expired.  It’s ok for autocross, but it will need to be replaced 
  • no seat yet. 

cold start video: https://youtu.be/vaoxOd3T73k

I have driven the car a couple times in autocross for a shakedown and it feels like it has a lot of potential.  the transmission shifts butter smooth.  The engine compression is good, leak down checks are within spec the last time I checked.

I really would like to ask $30k or more for the car, but it’s technically not finished and not where I would want to ask that much.  I think realistically a price of $25,000 is fair and I will entertain all reasonable offers.  I probably have close to $40k in this car if you price out all the parts listed above.  I am taking a huge loss, but it’s unavoidable at this point. 

I also have available an Aluma flat bed trailer 7×12 that is setup to haul a formula ford.  I purchased this trailer new in 2012 and it has been garage kept since I have owned it.  the trailer weighs 600lbs empty and tows fantastic.  When towing the formula ford I see about a 5-10% drop in millage.  On my TDI diesel VW I get a normal 27mpg in commuting traffic.  Towing the formula ford, I see and average of 25mpg. Trailer is $1500 – obo, car buyer has first dibs on the trailer.

After the car and trailer are gone, I’ll also have available a genuine Brenner lift and stand for sale.  $1500 

In the mean time, I hope to find a job soon so I can pull this ad down.

Price:  $25,000 – OBO

contact me at: Chrisdwarner52@gmail.com