Microsoft is bringing the Bash shell to Windows — repost from VentureBeat

Microsoft today announced at its Build conference in San Francisco that it’s bringing the Bash shell to Windows.


29 years of Microsoft windows.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long. I remember testing out windows 1.0 back in college. It was, at the time, a poor competitor against the leading program of the day, Desqview by Quarterdeck. Desqview was a desktop shell that ran on top of DOS, but it also put the new Intel 286…

CurrentC Hacked – Business Insider

Ha! that happened faster than expected. This doesn’t mean that the CurrentC servers were compromised, all we have here is some hackers who are phishing the internet to find some sucker who is dumb enough to open that email. This is the classic first step in hacking the system. The minute you open that email,…