Microsoft is bringing the Bash shell to Windows — repost from VentureBeat

Microsoft today announced at its Build conference in San Francisco that it’s bringing the Bash shell to Windows.


A Custom image in a UITableViewCell

How to setup a custom image in a UITableViewCell This post is about how to add a custom image to a UITableViewCell in IOS using auto layout. Normally you can add an image to a table view cell on the left hand side using the default settings within a storyboard or NIB using xCode. That…


Forget Me Not Kid Alarm

Here is another successful project finished and delivered. The app was just released on ITunes a couple days ago after a short development cycle. It was pretty fun working with some new hardware, and writing the IOS application that interacts with the device. Forget Me Not Kid Alarm is an IOS application that communicates with…

An in depth review of Apple’s CarPlay

A couple of years ago, I looked at the pioneer stereo system because it had a rudimentary version of the CarPlay running. Back then, the interface was crude, and there was a simple API available from Pioneer to write an app for the head unit that could communicate with the iPhone in an intelligent manner.…