2016 National Tour at Crows Landing

Videos and commentary from my results for the 2016 SCCA National Tour at Crows Landing. The San Francisco region held the event this year at Crows Landing, a great venue for auto crossing.


SCCA slush series round #2 – 2015

Here is my best run for the second slush series with the SCCA down in marina. Wasn’t a bad course, it drove better than it looked while walking the course. I was only 6 tenths out of first, and I am on old dead tires. So it wasn’t too bad. SCCA slush series round #2…

AAS round 14

Today was the final round of the 2015 AAS autocross series at Crows Landing. Fast course, and I had Ben Martinez driving my car for the first time. Ben’s fastest run Ben is a very fast driver and multiple time national champion, so keeping up with him is a challenge. Ben beat my best time…

AAS round 12

Ran with AAS again on Sunday. The car felt really well balanced, but I am still limited by the shocks. Today was the first time that I experienced wheel hop under braking… no bueno.. AAS round 12 was last modified: September 27th, 2015 by chrisw52

AAS round 11

I ran with the American autocross series today. Always have a great time running with this group. Today’s event was down in Marina where we had perfect weather, a little fog in the morning with temps in the mid 70’s

How to set the static timing on your engine

If you have ever worked on your car where you needed to remove the distributer, this is how you can reset the timing so you can restart the engine. Using this technique it will not matter if you have turned the engine while the distributer was removed since we are resetting the timing based upon…

Weber Carburetor Setup

This blog post discusses how you can setup a new Weber 32/36 DGV carburetor for your Ford powered Formula Ford. With these old Kent powered formula ford race cars, proper carbonation is key to good performance. My race car came with a old and tired carburetor. The throttle shaft had a lot of play in…

Using the Seek Thermal Camera

Today I played around with the seek thermal camera, learning how to use the software and figuring out the general capabilities of this new device. Over all the device is pretty cool, and there are many uses that I can use this for on the race car despite the limitations of the software. Here is…