The first run in the new formula ford.

the first drive in the RF98 Van Diemen (video inside)

LD200 gear change video

I found this excellent video on how to change your gear set on the LD200 transmission. In this video, the author doesn’t use the dummy layshaft which only changes the rebuild steps laid out in “How to change your gear set on a Hewland LD200” a little. youtube video credits: Adam Fathers LD200 gear change…

Formula 1 aero

here is a pair of neat videos that offer some glimpses into how the aero packages work on a formula 1 car.   Formula 1 aero was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by chrisw52

Van Diemen RF98 – the build begins.

sigh.. so here I am…  I have two piles of parts.  My old FB91 swift, now with out an engine, shocks, and transmission and the RF98 that has the frame, sump, radiators, and a few other small bits…  I have a lot of stuff to get. overall the chassis isn’t in that bad a shape.…

Van Diemen RF98

Bought a new Formula Ford, a Van Diemen RF98, or most of it anyway This is the introduction to the build thread of this RF98 as a F1600 with a kent engine.

parting out my swift FB91

parting out my old swift after attempting to change the transmission. After taking a detailed look I just kept finding more damage related to the ongoing transmission issues so it’s just not practical to rebuild, and yeah… that’s the way it is. Not too happy about it, but I have another car in the works,…