The first run in the new formula ford.

wow.. what a rough road it has been to get to this point. The RF98 build had been delayed for 2 years and finally after collecting all the parts needed the build restarted at the end of July.

At the end of July I had finally received all the parts I had ordered 2 years ago. It’s a long story that I won’t get into here, but after two long years, the parts were delivered…

With the delivery of the long lost parts, I was able to finally address some issues that I needed to fix before driving the car

first was the bell crank on the right rear. The cap screw that bolted the bell crank assembly to the oil sump had a bad helical (or so I thought). The problem was much worse

Not only did the heli coil strip from the sump, the hole it left behind was big..

So I contacted Wayne Overbeck, a fellow autocrosser and he helped me fix the sump using a 5/16″ cap screw that was drilled out for the original 3/8″ cap screw. It’s a brilliant hack to save an otherwise very hard to obtain magnesium alloy oil sump.

The first week of august was spent making changes to the wiring harness. I had decided to cut some costs and go back to a mechanical fuel pump, and I needed to route the cabling for the data logger. building new cables was not easy.. each of these connectors is about 1/4″ in diameter.

testing the new throttle sensor before install

15 aug – sweet! first power up on the dash!!

18 Aug – morning. The day’s task, finish the cockpit at a minimum.

18 aug – Evening. Cockpit and front suspension mounted and aligned with the centerline of the car (very important for a good alignment)

19 Aug – engine and drivetrain install. Again, another important step that cannot be overlooked. Here we need to make sure that the engine, oilsump, and gearbox are all aligned to frame horizontally and vertically. the more precision you get here, equals an easier ability to align the car later.

20 – Aug – Took the cooling system components over to Wayne Overbeck for the addition of bleed lines that help to remove air pockets from the cooling system. Wayne is an excellent machinist and welder, but also incredibly modest. In the afternoon, I was able to add oil and crank the engine over to verify oil pressure

He does drive a cool car however.

21 Aug – Not too many photos, but the cooling system was installed, and I was able to start the engine after getting the engine tuned up, valve lash set, etc..

22 aug – new phase of the project. I can finally build the axles for the first time!

23 aug – install the rear suspension, align it to the front suspension (and thus keeping everything square to the centerline of the car). This day was spent fixing the endless list of shit that needed to get done in order to drive the car.

The big task of the day was to make an exhaust mount for the tail pipe

24 Aug – morning – the question of the day… How much does the car weigh? how far off is the alignment?

24 Aug – Evening (8:30pm)- Alignment is crude, I ran out of time to fix the camber and toe on the rear, but holy shit… look at that cross weight! Car weight isn’t too bad either.

25 Aug – It’s shakedown day!!!