Van Diemen RF98

Bought  new car recently after discovering a lot more problems related to the transmission on my swift.  I found this car and the purchase was about the same cost as the repairs on the old car, so now I have two formula fords.

It’s not much in that picture, but that’s a RF98 F2000 chassis, a very popular option for conversion to a formula ford.  The F2000 chassis is the new common chassis which makes parts easier to find.  A lot easier.

Got the suspension and uprights on order from VelocityHauz and lots of other parts to order and sort out what I need. but this should be a fun project.  I already have the key pieces I need, a transmission, engine and shocks.  Ironically, the penske shocks I bought for the swift last year came of (guess what??)  an RF98.  So all I need to do is reconfigure the shocks (again) and find the oil pan and engine mounts and I can install the engine.

Then the rest is easy right?