2016 SCCA round 8 at Marina

Went to the SCCA autocross at Marina airport this past weekend. Name of that game was more shock tuning..

When I first setup the shocks, I had the initial settings for the rebound and compression backwards so I wasn’t getting the maximum benefit of the shocks with the compression at full soft and the rebound at full stiff… This was caused in part by the sweep style rebound adjusters, which are a bitch to adjust with the shocks in the car, and my own brain cramp when I setup the shocks for the first time.

the event went well, the CM contingent in the San Francisco region finished first and second. Slowly, as I tune these shocks, I am gaining time on my CM competitor. This weekend I got to within 6 tenths before the last run, but finished a second behind on the final runs which were both our best runs of the day.

It’s really fun being able to attack the slaloms in this car. Right now, that’s where I have the car setup the best. it’s the sweepers where I still need some tweaks on the shock settings to get the car where I can attack those corners too. Right now I get a little corner entry oversteer into understeer when the suspension sets past the apex. Looking at the tire wear, it also looks like I could use more negative camber in the front. Not much, maybe a tenth or two.