2016 National Tour at Crows Landing

Had a great time at the San Francisco regions National Tour held at Crows Landing, an old Naval airbase 150 miles east of the San Francisco bay area. This venue is one of my new favorite places to run.

The event wasn’t without problems. I haven’t had time to get my shocks setup the way I wanted, so I was constantly meddling with the settings. Looking at the video, I should have kept the car in 3rd gear longer. I was upshifting to 4th gear which might have worked if I let 3rd gear run out further. As it was, the RPM drop put the engine below peak torque and other fuel mixture issues was limiting my engine. The engine was running so rich that I literally burned through 4 gallons of gas for the weekend..

Anyhow, here are the videos

Here is Saturday


notes for a good run, make sure you have enough gas…
The left side is where I ran out, the right is my previous run on Saturday.