Litho Reader from Narrative Technologies

Well this is a great day indeed. I work for this small company Narrative technologies and we have just got our second app on ITunes. This is Narrative Technologies first native IOS app, and I was hired to build this product.

The app is a book reading app that not only allows you to read a book chapter by chapter, but also by different categories that the author decides to release with the book. This allows for a unique reading experience because you can now read the book in “classic” form, chapter by chapter, but also read additional material provided by the author or individual contributors.

Litho Reader on iTunes

This is really exciting because we have a lot of new features and publishers waiting to publish works using our software. If you run Android, be patience. An android version is in our road map.

check it out! download your copy today and get ready for a new type of reading experience.

Litho Reader on iTunes

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