AAS round 11

I ran with the American autocross series today.  Always have a great time running with this group.  Today’s event was down in Marina where we had perfect weather, a little fog in the morning with temps in the mid 70’s.  I was really interested in how the car would be running today since I made a lot of changes in the past month.

  • New throttle cable
  • completely new alignment setup, kind of going back to basics with this setup.
  • new jetting in the carburetor
  • and a bunch of other small items

The car with the new throttle cable and carb jetting ran awesome.  I am very pleased with the way the engine is running. I haven’t pulled the spark plugs yet to see how they look, but the engine felt very responsive with zero stumbling or hesitation what so ever.  I think I hit the sweet spot on the carburetor jetting.

As for the alignment, I kind of hit the reset button here.  In the past month I tore apart the suspension and measured everything.  On my car (derived from a swift DB1) the length of the front drop links really control the corner weights of the car when you align it.  I took away the guess work and made a jig to insure that these drop links were equal lengths.  The closer the lengths between the drop links, the closer the cross weight values are, period.  Ultimately the ride height is determined by preload on the springs.  In the rear I setup the spring perches so that I would have a little less rake than the default swift setup sheets required.

The GoPro worked again, which makes my day, it’s nice having video to review.  I really have to work on my right hand position, and as you will see, I got a bit too close to a cone.  As far as the event went, I got closer to my competitors.  On my fastest scratch time, I was only 1.6 seconds off the top CM driver and he was on new tires while I am on my old tires, so I am getting there, little by little.

Here is my fastest scratch time of the day


My fastest run of the day.