The Go-Pro is working again!

this is awesome. When I first got my formula ford, I tried taking some video using the same temporary mount that I had been using with my old Evo. On my first event on the second run, the camera died from all the vibration. So I just put the Go-Pro away after I wasn’t able to get it working properly.

Friday I was digging through some stuff, and thought that I would give it another try. After charging the battery, and checking the SD card, hey… it worked again… Not sure what happened, but I have a functional Go-pro again.

So now onto the good stuff.. I was out auto crossing with the American Autocross series out at Crows Landing and I brought the camera.

Here is a video, that I like. The camera is mounted right at eye level on the front of the car. This is about as close as you can get to viewing a run as I see it.

Here is my fastest run of the day, Won the class with this run and it’s pretty close to top time of the day