Using the Seek Thermal Camera

Today I played around with the seek thermal camera, learning how to use the software and figuring out the general capabilities of this new device.

Over all the device is pretty cool, and there are many uses that I can use this for on the race car despite the limitations of the software.

Here is a quick video of the video capabilities of the device.

As you can see its not too bad. In this video I was looking for hot spots to identify exhaust leaks, and it looks like my new HyTec header is working perfectly. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the full warmup because while I thought I was recording video, I wasn’t, which brings up one limitation of the software. When you are recording video, you can’t add the temp tags or get any visual cues to the actual temperature. All you can do is record the video, then take static shots of the same area separately to get the temps.

One nice feature is you can filter out the background “noise” by ignoring temps below a certain threshold. Below is a picture of the cold engine before it was started.
Taken with iPhone 6,iOS 8.1.3

Here is an image of the water neck of the engine after it warmed up. To the far right is the #1 exhaust runner. It looks like I need some heat reflective material on the water neck, and when taking photos, you really do need a steady hand.


Overall, I am really happy with this so far. In a couple of weeks I will be able to test out the device at the track and see how this will record tire temps.