Seek Thermal camera

So I got a new toy today, I bought a Seek Thermal Camera attachment for my iPhone. This device turns your IOS or android device into a thermal camera!

The resolution is not that great, but for the price its not too bad. The resolution of the camera is 206×156, with a 36 degree field of view. The camera itself is housed in a magnesium case and it’s capable of detecting temperatures from -40c to 330c (-40f to 626f).

The camera is accessed through apps available on iTunes and Google Play, and with these apps you have a variety of different capabilities shown below.

I have only had limited time to play around with the camera.  You can take movies, and link up the thermal image to the built in camera to allow you to review what your looking at.  That feature is my real only complaint so far, the difference in resolution is extreme, along with the zoom levels.

The device is available for purchase off for $249 for the regular version, or $299 for an upgraded version that allows for better closeup images.

This should provide real interesting data when taking tire temps, and I can’t wait to try this out when auto crossing.