Forget Me Not Kid Alarm

Teddy Bear

Here is another successful project finished and delivered. The app was just released on ITunes a couple days ago after a short development cycle. It was pretty fun working with some new hardware, and writing the IOS application that interacts with the device.

Forget Me Not Kid Alarm is an IOS application that communicates with a bluetooth low emission device. This BLE device is designed to warn a new parent if they happen to leave their kid in the car. The device works by measuring the signal strength, and when a user walks out of a pre-determined range, the IOS app will send alarms via local notifications to alert the user.

The IOS application is available now through ITunes: Forget Me Not Kid Alarm for IOS

Below is a short video that describes how the product works along with an early beta of the software running on an IPad.

The product is currently shipping, you can go up to the forget me not kid alarm website and place your order now!

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