bendgate update

So after the iPhone 6 release people started complaining about how easily the phone can bend.  The design is pretty thin, and from videos that I posted here earlier, it appeared to be a design flaw in the new phone.

I think the only design flaw is the phones are too thin which can lead to them bending under extreme conditions.  Consumer reports did a test and found the exact pressures when the phones start to fail.  Watch the video for the results.  While the iPhone 6 didn’t fair as well as other phones, it’s not that bad really.  The only reason that I can think of why the IPhone fail sooner would be from their thin design.  If the iPhone 6 was just as thick as the older iPhone 5 series, then none of this would have been an issue.  Besides, with the extra space, Apple could have put a bigger battery for longer talking times.  Sometime having a thin hardware design is overrated.