Apple’s Tim Cook Does Some Security Straight Talking

Thank you Tim Cook. This is a good step in the right direction. It remains to be seen how well this data can stay encrypted. I have no doubt that Apple is using your information or profiling your use of the phone. This is fairly common in the high tech world. This is how we improve our product designs and we use this data to provide the consumer a better user experience. The real question is how well is Apple stripping the pieces of information that identifies you as an individual from this data set. You can not expect that a data breach will not happen. The prospect of this is not pleasant to say the least, but there is plenty of innovation happening as we speak from large and small companies alike that have solutions that can prevent these types of hacks from happening. The first step is you, the consumer. Keep track of what you store on the cloud, and do not take the service for granted.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Today, Apple’s Tim Cook posted a letter announcing a new security page on the company’s website, publishing some fairly plain-language security talk.

There’s some solid language here that is clearly designed to allay fears about the way that Apple protects user data in the wake of the celebrity nude hacking incidents.

Cook’s words:

We believe in telling you up front exactly what’s going to happen to your personal information and asking for your permission before you share it with us. And if you change your mind later, we make it easy to stop sharing with us. Every Apple product is designed around those principles. When we do ask to use your data, it’s to provide you with a better user experience.
We’re publishing this website to explain how we handle your personal information, what we do and don’t collect, and why. We’re going to make sure you get updates here…

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