Security researcher finds Facebook Messenger is loaded with ‘spyware type code’

Facebook, why are you shooting yourself in the foot?

I like using your app, I really do. But I will never install Facebook messenger on my phone, computer or any device I use to connect to the internet. My Personally Identifiable Information is mine, I own it and you have no right to steal it. So far the value add that I have received as a user on Facebook has been good enough for a fair trade.

If you want more PII from me, you will have to pay for it, cash, hard currency. This intrusion into my life is not welcome and I am more than annoyed that you (social media companies) feel the need to steal it from me without my knowledge. That’s a breach of trust that customers expect from any company we do business with.

To all my friends and people that read this: be careful on what you place on Facebook or any other social media company. This information is worth billions of dollars to marketing firms around the world. Companies like Facebook feel that they have the right to use this for free, but we (the individual) own that information.

Originally posted on BGR:

As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to hate Facebook Messenger, now you have another one. Security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski tells Motherboard that he spent some time picking apart Facebook Messenger earlier this week and found that it’s positively loaded with “spyware type code” designed to track everything you do.

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