iBeacons in retail stores blowing up app usage, ad engagement

That’s really interesting. I would not have thought that IBeacons would be so well accepted. I have been working with the technology for a couple of months now. Apple and Google seem well positioned with IOS and Android to take advantage of this technology. Microsoft? Not so much. With the BLE support that I see in Windows 8.1, Microsoft has a lot of work to do to catch up with the competition.

Originally posted on 9to5Mac:


One of the big debates regarding iBeacons, the tech that allows iOS apps to receive location-aware notifications over Bluetooth LE, is whether or not the experience will become intrusive for users. Imagine having your local grocery store’s app installed. Once the store has installed a few beacons, you could soon find yourself overcome with notifications as you walk around without ever even opening the app. You run the risk of users getting frustrated and potentially avoiding or deleting the app entirely. However, that hasn’t been the case when it comes to the iBeacons installed by inMarket in grocery stores across the country. It tells us app and ad engagement has skyrocketed since rolling out the platform:

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