New “iOS Blocks” Concept Video Imagines How Widgets Could Work On The iPhone And iPad

At first when I saw this I thought “oh boy! yet another widget”. But, this has been a well thought out approach to the similar functionality found in Android and now windows with their metro styled interface. After viewing the demos, I found I liked the ability to combine the larger blocks with the normal icons. I could see that being pretty useful, especially if we have that capability built into IOS apps running in the background. There are challenges to IOS blocks in terms of maintaining a good battery life and memory usage, but nothing that can’t be over come with a good thought out design.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

A new iOS concept video and extremely detailed explanation from UX and graphic designer Jay Machalani imagines how Apple’s iOS operating system could have its own version of Android’s widgets or Windows Phone’s “Live Tiles,” by introducing a new interaction that’s sort of in between each. In a blog post titled “Pushing iOS” the designer demonstrates an idea he calls “iOS Blocks,” which allow you to use the pinching gesture to quickly expand default applications like Weather, Music, Calendar, Messages and more from an icon into a small square that sits on your iPhone or iPad’s homescreen.

The concept was built using Adobe Fireworks CS6 and rendered in Adobe After Effects CC, and is intriguing because it looks like a natural progression of the iOS interface – unlike some of those more futuristic concepts that show of things like transparent iPhones or dual-screened devices.

Machalani says he used to be…

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