Agree to share stuff with LG or it’ll make your Smart TV ‘stupid’

Well this is totally unacceptable. If I was still watching TV I would be quite angry if I actually used any of those “smart TV” features. No I don’t need to browse the web or read email on my TV, I have a choice of my phone, iPad or (gasp) a computer to do all those functions. So I guess LG can stuff it if they want me to forcibly share my data to use those features that I will never use in the first place.

I guess it’s also a good thing that I stopped watching TV about 10 years ago, otherwise I would be quite angry at LG.

So if you have one of those fancy new “smart TVs” it might not be so smart of the owner to blindly accept the terms of use.

Originally posted on BGR:

LG is apparently taking a more aggressive approach to collecting user data from Smart TVs that can be then sold to advertisers, TechDirt reports, as the company is ready to turn a Smart TV into a rather “stupid” TV for users who fail to accept its privacy policy.

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