As Mobile Roars Ahead, It’s Time To Finally Admit The Web Is Dying

I wouldn’t go as far to say the web is dying, but it is changing.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

While discussions about tech bubbles have been heated, few commentators seem to be targeting their invective at the real underlying bubble: the World Wide Web itself is crumbling. Like any outmoded technology, the Web is rapidly losing users as it fails to adapt to disruption from mobile apps and continues to perform poorly – despite incredible optimization efforts – due to a bloated software architecture built of hacks on top of hacks. It had an unbelievable 25-year run, but I think it’s time to admit that the product is reaching its last throes.

Just to be clear what we are discussing, the Web is a collection of protocols (namely, HTTP) and hyperlinked documents (built using HTML) that allow users to easily produce and consume content. Since HTTP is a standardized protocol and HTML is a markup language, the Web is platform-agnostic and usable on any device that can connect to the…

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