Smalltalk about Objective-C

This is a good review of Objective-C from a windows coder’s point of view.

Originally posted on codemouse:

Ok not so much a small talk, but more a ramble with an objective. (wow, geek humor is really bad).


I’ve had the fortunate ability to spend the past 2 weeks or so getting ramped up on all things iOS and Objective-C for an internal project my company is working on. As a guy who has historically programmed in C-style languages and environments (.NET, Java, C/C++, and JavaScript), I thought this language would be pretty easy to pick up.  I was both right and wrong.

Of course, the core syntax of Objective-C IS almost exactly the same as C, which is great. For me to read through the code and understand which method was calling which other method and why and how, to follow the pointers and references, and the basic structure and syntax were all easy.  Then came the hard part.  Understanding both the Smalltalk-inspired messaging features that are…

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