Swift DB1 vs Swift FB 91


At the last autocross I attended with the SCCA, I met a fellow CM competitor who normally road races his Swift DB1 in the regional SCCA club races showed up at the event to run a few laps.  While in the pits we had the opportunity to compare cars.

It’s really interesting to compare these cars.  The DB1 was manufactured in ’85, while my FB91 was built in 1991.  Everything on the car is evolutionary.  The big pieces like the bell housing look to be identical.  The hardware like the bearing and hiem joints all look like the same pieces.  the frame and body work are the most obvious differences between the cars.

My FB91 had to meet new regulations in 1991 that required the drivers feet to be behind the plane of the front axle.  Swift’s answer to this was to canter the front rocker arms forward.  Interestingly enough, it looks like the lower control arms are compatible.

The rear suspension was more interesting.  Both cars share the same basic construction.  The rear suspension mounts bolt to the bell housing at the same mounting points with the same hardware.  the rocker arms are mounted to the suspension mounts in roughly the same place, but the FB91 moved the pickup point lower, and added a cantilever angle to the rocker arm.  The lower control arms and up rights were changed on the FB91, but the car maintains capability to be retro-fited with a DB1-DB3 series suspension.  Or, I could go the other way and upgrade the rear to a Swift SC92 rear push rod suspension.


Unfortunately, we were not able to get some decent side by side shots.  the DB1 had more problems removing the body work, or to replace some zip-ties when re-attaching the panels, so we were not able to get more photos at this event.

It was really interesting, and I hope to coordinate a photo shoot where we can get some decent photos taken.


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  1. Chris
    Thanks for posting a pic of my car/me on your site. Very nice blog. I can e-mail you pictures of the front suspension/frame w/o the body work if you would like.

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