Visual Studio project settings for NPAPI projects

In one of my previous posts “Visual Studio project settings for NPAPI projects” I posted about how to configure a Visual studio project to build the NPAPI npruntime sample.

I recently had to refer to that project for a new piece of work that I am researching.  the problem is the code sample uploaded to github was the original sample, and if you have downloaded it, the project won’t build without some work.

The project on has been updated to contain a building project.

  • Fixed the Visual studio project settings
  • Fixed the obsolete datatypes.
  • Fixed the obsolete headers.

The source code on github has been updated with the latest changes.

6 thoughts on “Visual Studio project settings for NPAPI projects

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  2. wont work. With the original source from Git: A lot of syntax errors. Can you tell me how i include NPAPI? A lot of includes are missing and it’s horrible – None of the tutorials is a how to set up your environment for it properly.

      • I’ve tried VS10 and VS13. Curiously, when i try to build, the errors says that the syntax-errors are in lot of frameworks.

        • It sounds like you are missing the NPAPI headers. I just built the code using the latest npapi header from google’s npapi-sdk. Once you get those files you need to modify the “Additional Include Directories” setting on the project properties|C++|General property page.

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