Race car winter maintenance

So, here we are in January in the middle of my winter refresh and maintenance.  This project is taking a bit longer than anticipated.  But I guess that is to be expected from a 21 year old race car.

At the end of last season, I managed to break a wheel stud.  While fixing the wheel stud, I discovered that I had different length wheel studs on each corner of the car.  I fixed the broken stud so I could continue racing and decided that it would be a good idea to change out the wheel bearings over the winter break, and while I had the chance, change all the wheel studs so I could safely run my panasport rims.  My swift is one of the european build models.  Over In the UK, the Formula Ford race cars are restricted to steel wheels, so they don’t need the longer wheel studs needed to mount the panasport rims.  The US formula Ford series (Formula F, technically) does not have the same wheel requirements.

I am glad I did it, the wheel bearings were toasted.  On my car the rear wheel bearings are the cartridge type, and after pressing the wheel hub out, the grease inside the bearing was exposed.  It was a brownish dust that occupied the spaces between the ball bearings so yeah, time to change the bearings.

Wheel bearings:

Front – The front bearings are off a 80-84 VW Golf, and I very positive that these bearings are the same for all Swift DB1-DB3 models since I share the same front spindle design.

Rear – The rear bearings for this car are from a 90-91 Jetta 16v front wheel bearing.

This is what I expected since the rest of the driveline (axles & CV joints) are all VW sourced parts as well.  I don’t know what the outer CV joint is on the car yet, but I suspect that is would be off the VW Jetta since the CV boots were sourced from the same car.  This would be very cool if this were the case because that CV joint is used on the VW Jetta, Audi TT, later models of the Golf, Vw Passat and other  models.

At this point I need to put together a nut&bolt kit for the car.  I need to reach out to some contacts that I was given from the seller for some companies in the UK that still support the car.  Hopefully they have more information on the parts I need.  I still have to order my new set of race tires for next season too.  It’s coming together, hopefully I can put on a decent effort for this upcoming season.

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  1. Hi. Can you drop me an email please. I’m based in the UK and have just bought a Swift FB91 but have no setup data and wondered if you would be up for sharing data?

    • Sure no Problem.. I don’t have any specific setup info for our cars, but I do have a setup sheet for a FB90. I’ll send you an email on what info I have, plus some details on my own learned experience trying to learn what this car likes.

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