Repairs update

I have the car back running after getting some repairs done at Porter Racing out in Merced Ca.  I have to give my thanks to Neil Porter, his work was excellent and the car is performing very well.

IMG_0793The repairs were a bit more involved than I was prepared for.  The side plate had cracked because the whole transmission was flexing in its mounts.  The handling of the must have been diabolical.  When the transmission flexed, it would cause more than a little camber, toe and castor changes in the rear suspension.  The flexing was caused by using the incorrect threaded bolts on the top mounts of the transmission as it bolts to the bell housing.  The bolts used in the repair were metric, and the bolt holes on the transmission were SAE thread.  As it happens, on this particular car, most of the transmission bolts are metric, while the rest of the chassis is SAE.

The fixes were fairly extensive.  The transmission needed to be re-aligned with the input shaft or I would run the risk of blowing the clutch slave seals.  To get the transmission in the right spot, the old damaged lugs were drilled out and inserts were pressed in and shims were machined to take up all the extra space between the bell housing and transmission.  By design this is supposed to be a zero tolerance fit, so it has to be precise.

Along with that, the floor had been damaged as the car had been dragged onto a trailer or flat-bed.  Half of the rivets holding the floor on the frame were stripped off.  Other than that, all the other damaged had been fixed correctly by the previous owner.

Porter Racing put a proper alignment on the car and set the ride height and corner weights.  All of this is on a set of shocks that might be the originals.  Neil put the rears on his shock dyno and the results were in his words “reasonable”, but I have no idea what the spring rates are.

The car is a blast to drive!  I was expecting problems with learning how to shift with the new transmission, but it’s actually really easy.  There is one more event left in the season, hopefully it won’t rain.  Then I need to get the car ready for next season.

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  1. Three cheers for mechanics who actually know WTF they’re doing!! Glad to see you’re having so much fun with your new toy.

    Be safe, old friend.

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