a light workout

This was my Wednesday workout. My schedule has been a little hectic and it’s hard to get the time.  I tentatively signed up for my first Cross fit competition!  I think it’s a little insane, but what the hell.  I have to get my ass into the gym more to practice on some of the core skills that because of recent injuries I have not been able to do.  And I need to hit the gym more; at least 4 times a week.  That is what I used to do, but this time its a whole different level and I intend to keep it that way.

I always cheat and look at my trainers notebook to see what I am in for.  My trainer uses one of those small 4×8 inch notebooks.  I know that when I don’t see a lot of writing it will be harder than it looks…  I saw a lot of blank space on the page…

warm up

  • lunge & twist
  • dislocates
  • arm rotations
  • 100 jump rope – this was combined with the skill to try an learn how to tie together the double unders and butt kicking while jump roping.  That’s all completely hopeless for me in the morning, but I keep trying.


  • jump rope double unders and butt kick style
  • Kipping pullups – I have not been able to do these pullups because of my shoulder injuries (rotator cuffs). I can do a couple of them, but as I get tired, forget it.  I lose the cadence and it’s over.  I need to practice on these more, but  I have to be careful, I really felt it in the shoulders after I was done and it wasn’t the good kind of pain.  I need to tread carefully here.


8 rounds of the following for time.

  • 5 high box jumps
  • 10 push press 75lbs –  I don’t think I have done this weight with this many reps before.  It was challenging to say the least.
  • 100 meter sprint – I did pretty well in the sprints considering the shoes I wear. I train using the vibram footfingers and that makes it a bit harder to sprint at full speed, especially in a paved parking lot.  I bought a new pair recently and these new shoes performed well.  By the 6th round, I was pretty spent, but I still ran the 100 meters.

I think I completed the 8 rounds in 21 minutes.  I concentrated on making sure that I didn’t stop on the push press, and I tried to jog back to the gym after each sprint.  I really felt those push presses.  My shoulders were burning (in a good way) and I was whipped after that work out.