FF damage inspected

I got a call from Porter racing.  Looks like the car had an accident at some point and the initial repairs were a hack.  The impact from the accident killed the clutch slave cylinder and it was dented, that is why it was leaking.  The original attempts to repair the transmission included re-welding the top lugs on the transmission case.  Instead of using the stock SAE bolts, metric bolts were used instead.  Now one of the holes has been elongated as the transmission shifted thanks to the metric bolts.  The transmission also serves as the rear suspension pickup point.  The extra slack in the metric bolts in a hole meant for a SAE threaded bolt allowed the transmission to shift in its mounting.  The movement in the transmission mountings added extra stress that eventually cracked the side plate.  The alignment of the transmission is also very critical.  Without the properly drive line alignment, the input shaft could cause premature failures in the clutch hydraulics (again) and I don’t want to keep chasing this problem.

the plan:

The side cover is going to get replaced with a new piece.  this will make it easier for them to align the transmission and get the top mounts fixed properly.  I asked them to take a closer look at the bell housing to inspect it for accident damage that might have been over looked.  I am also concerned about how straight the frame is since there is a dent just before the lower left transmission mount.

I am glad that Neil Porter has the car, I think it is in good hands now.  I need to figure out how much this is going to cost me…  I have some money left over from selling the Evo, but not as much as I would like.  This is starting to affect next years racing budget and that’s not good.  It is doubtful if I will make the AAS autocross at the end of the month which is disappointing, but I want the car fixed properly.  It is not that the damage is severe, but it will take time to do the job correctly, and Porter Racing has other commitments, including a race of their own at the end of the month, so his schedule is pretty full.  All I want is the job to be completed correctly.  I am paying the price because the last person cut corners on the initial repairs.