a Wedensday workout

I normally work out at studio 831 on a Tuesday and Thursday, but since my trainer over slept 😛 yesterday, we rescheduled for this morning.


  • 500 meter row
  • leg kicks, kick your leg fore and aft 20 times
  • leg side kicks, kick your leg left and right 20 times
  • 5 inchworm push ups


4 rounds for time

  • 15 double unders – I started to get the rhythm for the double unders today.  with a little practice, I can get two in a row fairly easily, but maintaining it is the problem.  The problem is a cadence issue and not a fitness problem.
  • 25 situps


4 rounds with 1 minute rest

pull-ups for max reps in one unbroken sequence.  I suck at this, I only did 8, 6,4, and 5 reps on each round.  I think I could do better, but pull-ups have always been hard for me.


4 rounds for time.  The last time I ran this WOD I couldn’t beat 17 minutes.  Today I did it in 16:40.

  • 5 burpie lunges
  • 10 ball slams with 10kg ball.
  • 200 meter run with 10kg ball.  This was actually pretty hard after the ball slams.

This WOD was harder than it looks.  I was jumping about 6ft on each lunge, and the ball slams done properly really hit your ham strings.  Getting a goog bounce out of a deflated rubber ball filled with lead shot also takes a lot of effort.  combine that with what is supposed to be a 200 meter sprint, and you have a very effective workout.

Now I need to step up the pace.  I am not working out as much as I used too before I pulled some muscles.  I used to work out about 4-5 times a week with a combination of 2 training sessions with 2-3 cardio sessions.  that is fairly effective if you are heavy commuter or have a really busy schedule.  The problem is over time you adapt to that workout schedule and you eventually lose the benefits of the workout. I am in that position now so I need to pick up the pace.  So I signed up for some more classes at the gym.  My goal will be to work up to a 4 day a week workout with a combination of X-training and cross fit classes along with the individual training I have already.  I enjoy the individual training, but I am excited to participate in some of these classes and meet some more like minded people.  This will be fun.