fight gone bad

At the gym I go to, studio 831, we have the wall of shame/fame what ever you want to call it.  On this wall you have records  of your times compared to others.

My trainer has decided to put my times on the wall, and for me personally, I have high expectations, so today was a bit of a let down (I didn’t score as well as I wanted too).  We are going to do more of the wall exercises.  I have been at studio 831 long enough to get my name up there.  This will be a fun way to compare my performance against the others that I see in the mornings.


  • 800 meter run
  • butt kicks
  • high knee run
  • as one warmup, broad jump into 5 air squats, 5 push-ups, then inch worm back to a standing position, repeat  5 times.
  • skipping (remedial)  I don’t like skipping…  I have a hard time with raising the opposite arm and leg.  I think the biggest problem is that it is O-dark-early and I am thinking too hard.


Like last time, we are working in the clean as practice and today we put it all together.  The bar weight is not that great, only 65lbs, but I was working on the full clean today, and I could really feel the difference.  I am starting to get a handle on the proper form and how I need to move in order to get under the bar.  It’s slowly starting to make sense.  I don’t know if I am comfortable enough with the clean to go up in weight, but maybe as part of a WOD…  I am not sure except that I want to keep up the practice.

WOD – fight gone bad

  • wall ball 20kg
  • sumo dead high pull 75lbs
  • large box jump
  • push press 75lbs
  • row for calories

I scored 169 for this round. I was hoping to break 200.  I missed a wall ball throw and got smacked hard in the face with a 20kg ball.  That literally took me too my knees.  Not only did that hurt, but it broke my concentration and I know I slowed down after that.  I tried to make it up on the push press and rowing, but I could not do it.  Maybe it was the weather.  It has been very humid for the past couple of days including the rare thunderclap with a little lightning to make it interesting.  I am not used to working out with this much humidity.