my new challenge. olympic lifting.

and why I suck at it.

Lately my trainer and I have been working on lifting at studio 831.  This has been very difficult for me due to injuries that I sustained in an accident in the fall of 2007.

Anyhow, I started cross fit training in part to address the injuries I sustained in the accident. It is slow work, but I have maintained my mobility.


  • 500 meter row
  • 5 pull up burpies
  • 10 air squats
  • basic stretches


Olympic lifting.  In the past 5 years I have not been able to master the clean on my own.  My old trainer was good, but not good enough on the proper technique and teaching ability to teach me (Mr clumsy) how to do this complicated exercise without hurting myself.  Trying to put together all the different elements of the exercise has been difficult for me, but today I made good progress.

  • mid pull practice – we started with the mid pull, starting with the bar just above the knee, arms straight, and get the timing down for the pulling effort with the traps and the jump to get the bar moving so you can get under the bar later in the movement.  This is always hard for me going from the slow dead lift into the burst of energy and speed to get under the bar.  I always want to pull with my arms and rotate the bar.  this does nothing except round your back and over stress your arms.
  • get under the bar & squat – This is the other hard part that I have with the clean.  I do not have full mobility in my right wrist and I have not been able to hold the front squat position with any amount of weight on your standard barbell.  It has been almost 2 years now, working on the flexibility in the wrists and I can start thinking about adding more weight.  As I practiced the jump and shrug, I found it easier to get under the bar this time around.
  • dead lift starting to mid point – This is the easiest part.  It’s a dead lift…  Nothing hard about that.
  • put it all together with some weight – First we tried it with a 35lb barbell and 2 10lb weights for a total of 55lbs.  We did this more for practicing my form, and not trying to find my max.  Once my trainer felt I was holding good form, we moved onto the next set.


The set…  5 rounds, 3 cleans in one minute, rest 1 minute.  these were hard.  At first I didn’t understand the exercise, and I did too many reps in the first minute.  I paid for that later, and  by the 4th round, I was pretty tired.  My form was basically good, but my quads were killing me.


AMRAP- 15 minutes

  • 10 box jumps (small box)
  • 10 diamond push ups
  • 10 dumbell snatch 35lbs
  • 100 meter run.

I did 3 rounds and almost finished the 4th round, but ran out of time before the run.  I am really happy that we went with the small box today.  I did a lot of lifting today, and I was hurting a bit on those box jumps. I threw in the diamond style pushup instead of a regular pushup simply because my arms were the least tired.