Crosstraining today? man-eaters suck.

My workout today was your standard workout but I don’t feel like  it was really that hard.  My trainer was complaining to me that I bitch about my shoulders, elbow, etc.. I asked her not to worry about that because that pain that I go through helps me regain and maintain flexibility.  I really shouldn’t complain, but sometimes it’s unavoidable when your really sore.    I need to train my trainer on when its OK to push, and to be better at when to ease off and work on another muscle group.  There are just times when I need extra recovery time which interferes with the training regiment that my trainer wants to keep me on.  It is frustrating for both of us.


  • 500 meter row
  • 10 burpies
  • the standard stretches
  • a little practice on my lifting form with a bar.

Today was a bench press for a max on a 5×5 exercise.  Last time I did this I benched a 145lb, today we tried 155.  That was a good weight for me to work with.  the first two rounds were OK.  My third round was the best.  I felt I had good form, and I pushed right through it.  My last two rounds were hard and I needed some assistance getting the bar back up on my last round.



as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of the following.

  • 5 Man-eaters – man eaters are hard.  It is a combination of three exercises.  a burpie, lift, and push press in one movement with a pair of heavy dumbbells as a bonus!  You start with burpie, holding each dumbbell in each hand.  then instead of the burpie jump, you do a full lift and squat into a push press.  repeat as necessary.
  • 10 toe to bar – hanging on a bar with your hands like you are going to do a pull up, touch your toes on the bar.
  • 15 double unders –  I don’t like double unders.  I just can’t do them.  Jumping rope is hard enough without trying to get the cadence to do double unders.  I can do them, individually.  So what this means for me, is I get to do 30-45 jump ropes because it takes me one or two jumps before I can do a double under.



Not a bad workout, I am sure that I will feel it tomorrow.