Strength training on the prowler

Today I did another strength routine on the prowler, no puking this time!  My trainer and I also verified the weight of the prowler we use, and its heavier than we thought.  No wonder I puked last time!!  We thought the prowler weighed in at ~50 lbs, but it is actually around 75 lbs…  that extra weight really makes a difference.

  • 1 km run
  • lizard lunges
  • butt kicks
  • high knee run
  • shoulder dislocates (pvc bar)
  • overhead squat (pvc bar)
  • good mornings (pvc bar)
  • back squats (pvc bar)

we then did a  light conditioning round before starting the strength routine.

  • plank for a minute
  • plank with a leg lifted (30 seconds each leg)

For the strength routine we did the prowler with a total weight of 290 lbs.  I did 4 rounds pushing the prowler for 10 meters each round with a 1 minute break in between each round.

I first did 2 rounds at 270, then we added another 20 lbs to complete the last two rounds.  The last run was very hard.  I could barely maintain my momentum, but I didn’t puke which was a good thing.


I finished up the workout with a “simple” AMRAP routine.  In 15  minutes, do as many rounds as possible of the following:

  • 10 kettle bell swings with a 40kg kettle bell.
  • 10 box jumps with the large box (I think the box is 30″ in height)
  • 10 ring dips

The box jumps were really hard after working on the prowler!  In the 15 minute period, I managed 4 complete rounds, and I got 5 reps through the kettle bells on my 5th round.  It was a good solid workout, very satisfying.

With that I hope these workouts don’t stop.  My trainer is heading back to school to get her teaching degree, and her schedule is going to be crazy this semester so we don’t know what her availability is going to be.  This is driving her nuts, but I am pretty chill about it.  I currently telecommute, so I have a lot more flexibility in my schedule and I hope we can fit something in while she is teaching and in school.  I really don’t want to lose this trainer.  We have developed a good relationship and she knows exactly how hard to push.

the results

The results of my (and my trainers) efforts are really paying off too.  I just dropped past 200lbs which has historically been a very hard achievement.  Every time I have reach this weight, I have always been on some strict diet and killing myself in the gym with weights and cardio to try and get the weight down further.  In the end with those killer diets and increased exercise you either

a) hurt yourself

b) put the weight right back on after stopping the diet.

This time around its different.  I am not trying to diet, in fact, my diet is crap at the moment.  Natural foods, but I am not preparing a decent balanced meal as I should be doing.  And, yeah, with the hot weather, ice cream intake has been a little high 🙂 My current favorite is three twins mocha difference.  Hey!  at least its organic…

So yes, I could do better on the diet, but that is not the point.  I am trying to re-learn what it means to maintain a more healthy weight while staying away from the factory garbage food that chokes the modern supermarkets.   So far it’s working.  Stay with natural foods, with minimal prep (no fancy sauces) and let yourself indulge, but control the portion size.  This seems to work for me, but YMMV.