The Swift FB91 (euroswift)

I finally got my hands on my new car. I already started digging into it and found a few issues that need to be dealt with

  • The alignment is way off. The setup sheet for the car says that I am supposed to have a 40mm ride height in front, and 100mm ride height in back. The actual ride height is 53mm in front and 113mm in back.
  • The drop links in the front are too long and uneven. They are supposed to be 4.8 inches but both of the drop links are over 5 inches in length. this could explain the increased ride height and the loose shock, I’ll bet my corner weights are all over the place.
  • the rear swaybar is bent. The arms coming off each side are not parallel.
  • The alignment is not standard. Compared to the setup sheet, it looks like the last alignment was an attempt to get rid of a lot of understeer. I am supposed to have -1.5 degrees camber in front, I measured -1. In the rear I am supposed to have -2, but I have 0 degrees. I have not measured toe yet.

so looking at that, I have a bit of work to do on the alignment and corner weights.

The car was briefly raced in the FRCCA, and they had a requirement for each car to implement PADS Protection Against Decapitation System. It’s an extra roll bar that comes off the roll hoop and places a diagonal brace to prevent side impacts to the helmet. In theory it could work, but if I were to have a fire in the car, this system dramatically interferes with your ability to quickly exit the car. I have broad shoulders, and I had real issues getting past these bars. Not a good trade-off I think. So I removed it.

I also got started on fixing the damage to the nose cone. I have not used fiberglass for a long time. The new resins and epoxies really make the job easier. The resins dry quickly and consistently and it really made the job easy.  The job itself was easy, the pictures speak for themselves.

Now with some fiberglass & the first layer of bondo.


The car with its finished nose cone.

The car itself is not too bad.  there are some rough pieces, but as I work through the car, it looks to be pretty solid. (so far)