upgrading macports on OSX mountain lion

Like many other I ran into issues after upgrading to mountain lion (OSX 10.8).  The install and upgrade of the OS went smoothly, and the upgrade installed the latest version of xcode.

I ran into issues with macports when I ran an upgrade from the terminal.   After the upgrade finished I attempted to upgrade my installed ports in the usual fashion, but the self update failed with permissions problems accessing TCL.

  • To fix this issue I downloaded and installed the latest macports build from the DMG installer: macports.dmg for 10.8

Installing macports from the installer package corrected the selfupgrade problem for me.  Now I was having issues with building the ports.  None of the command line tools were installed with the OS upgrade. With a little digging around the internet I found that the command line tools are now distributed in a separate installer off of developer.apple.com/downloads.  Make sure to download the command line tools for OSX mountain lion.

  • To fix this issue I downloaded and installed the latest command line tools from developer.apple.com/downloads.  You will be required to sign in to download the tools.

Once that was finished, I am able to upgrade all my ports from the command line as you would normally expect.

Hope this helps!   your millage may vary.

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    • I had not thought of checking for that. With XCode4.3 I used the xcode select to setup the path to xcode for macports to work. I have another machine to upgrade, maybe I’ll try this again with the xcode select to see if that still works

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