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This is a day I have been waiting for ever since I started this blog earlier this year.  Today I purchased my first open wheel race car.

I purchased a 1991 Euroswift.  These cars from what I am told are basically a copy of the Swift DB1 but with side radiators and different front suspension arms for a little more safety in the foot box area.

I bought the car off of  this forum is the place to go for anything and everything Formula Ford.  The car itself is coming from Delaware, so I enlisted the services of BATS motorsports to ship the car from Delaware

Now I have to start figuring out what I need to get the car ready.  I know I need the following:

  • layshaft & cut first gear – this is the input shaft for the transmission.  From what I am told, it’s not a hard job to change.  this will let me run the low gear ratios I need for autocross.
  • gear sets – I need better gears ratio options.  The transmission in these cars are a quick change setup, so in theory I could changes ratios at the track without too much hassle.
  • Tires – I definitely want a new set of race tires.
  • a small open trailer – I have a full size trailer now, but I have issues with the tight narrow road I live on and all the traffic that loves to park on it.  I am amazed that I have not taken out someones mirror yet pulling the trailer to the house.  I need something smaller for the regional events that I participate in.

The only big issue that remains is the distance.  Dealing with a private party over this distance can be a hassle.  The timing might be tight too.  I sent the check via UPS and it should arrive by end of the second day.  the shipping company will arrive either that afternoon, or the next day.  then I wait as my car slowly makes its way across the country in the back of a semi-truck.  It’s going to be a long wait.

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  1. We have a crappy single axle, wood-ramped trailer we used for our 7 for years. It was originally built for a FV, but I’m not sure if it’s wide enough for a FF. It will need new tires, but you can have it for zero dollars.
    –Pat Kelly

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