X Training or cross fit?

I was asked today what the difference between cross fit and X training is.  Actually I have no idea how to answer that question.  They both hurt, make you sweat a lot, and both use similar exercises.  I guess the biggest difference that I notice is the structure of the workout.  the focus with X training seems to be more conditioning than strength or skill.  They guy that asked me the question takes the X Training class that is held before I workout at Studio 831.  We both love it there, and it’s showing results.  I have lost about 10 lbs without actively trying to diet as I have been able to work past my injuries earlier this year. Anyhow on to the workout.

The warmup was simple.  I started with a 500 meter row, then stretches.

  • swinging my legs back and forth to stretch the hips,
  • shoulder dislocates while lunging,
  • but kicks,
  • good mornings and overhead squats with a PVC pipe.

before we got into the strength portion, I had to finish my workout from last time..  It was as many reps as possible, 4 times, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.  I did each exercise in sequence, then moved to the next exercise after 4 rounds.

  • mountain climbers
  • sit ups
  • planking

Today’s workout sounds easy, which really means its going to hurt, but I am getting used to that.  This workout was divided into two sections, a strength and conditioning like I see in the X training class.

Strength – Weighted push ups with a 35lb weight.  I had 3 rounds and I had to do as many as possible for each round.  I got 10 on the first, 6 on the second, and 8 on the 3rd.

Conditioning – 1 round of the following pattern to the reps.  21, 15 | 12, 9 | 6, 3

I would do two rounds back to back, then a 200 meter row, for time with the following exercises

  • sumo-pull high dead lift – 70lbs total weight
  • push press – 70lbs total weight

This was a hard workout, these conditioning rounds kick my ass.  The dead lifts initially bothered my elbow a bit, but as I got “warmed up” and higher into the reps, I was able to work around it.  I was really happy to do the large reps first, I had a hard time with those first few rounds, but as the reps got lower, I was able to power through them in the end.  This workout was exhausting, but I completed the conditioning round in under 30 minutes.  I think it was 26 minutes and change, but I don’t remember.

unlike Tuesday’s workout, this one was more satisfying.