Training in reverse

My last workout was a tough one.  Harder than I expected.  I didn’t do anything particularly difficult, just changed up the order.  Instead of working on the strength portion first, we swapped and did the WOD first, and then finished the routine with the strength portion.

The warmup was normal, a 500 meter row and stretches.

Then the WOD was 3 exercises.  I always know its going to be hard when it is “only” 3 exercises for the WOD..  I did 3 rounds of the following in just over 18 minutes

  • 400 meter run
  • 20 dead lifts @ 135
  • 20 push ups

The strength portion was new, ring pull ups, but with the following rules.  3 rounds.  Each round I do as many pull ups until I can’t hold onto the rings.  Once I let go, I am done.   I did 18 the first round, 12 the second, and 10 on the third round.  pull ups are always hard for me, but I am getting better.

The post workout was interesting.  I have been bothered by a lower back pain for quite some time now.  You would have thought that the dead lifts would have aggravated the injury, but that was not the case.  My back felt great after that workout, better than it has felt in weeks.  I don’t understand why, but hey whatever… It’s nice to feel sore somewhere else for a little while.