training is getting intense

It’s about time too. I was getting a little bored with the old routine and a little frustrated with the muscle and tendon pulls that were keeping me from strength training exercises. I was looking forward to the workouts despite the sore legs. This past Saturday I ran the stairs at sea cliff beach. The stairs have about 6 flights that go in different directions so you’re not running in a straight line up the incline. I ran them 6 times with a break for some abs and dips and then another 2 times to complete that workout. Felt fine on Saturday afternoon, Sunday I couldn’t walk. Monday I was still limping from the stiff legs. It’s not going up that kills your legs, but going down the stairs that really just kills your calves… It’s been three days and they still hurt..

So this morning I got in to the gym and we started on a regular weight routine, yay! It’s about time.




  • warmup – 500 meter row
  • Stretches
    • lunge & twist
    • high knee run
    • 2 squats with a long jump, 5 times
    • inchworm (walk your hands out until you’re in a front leaning rest, then walk your legs in, hands on the ground)

The strength portion of the work out was a 500 meter row for time. It killed me.. I was on a good pace, 1:37/500 meter and I got almost half way and my legs just gave up.. I would push and nothing was left, I was literally rowing with my back and upper body. That’s not really good form, and I probably should have eased into the faster times. For reference, I row the 500 meters in my warm up at a 1:49-1:50 normally. I have been able to keep up a 1:38, but I was working out a lot more frequently than I do now.


Now the wod.. 1 round with 4 sets (20, 15, 10, 5) with 3 exercises

  • thrusters with 10lb barbell weights
  • 1/2 burpie
  • sit-ups

This was the first time I have done thrusters this year I think. My right wrist is not as strong as it should be after a car accident (air bags to the face sucks). I just can’t hold the barbell in the position for a front squat. It’s too painful. Anything more than 65lbs total weight and I can’t hold onto the bar with my right hand. I have tried so many times to improve the flexibility in my wrist, and I still have a long way to go.

So any time I am asked to do these routines, I get a little apprehensive because I know its going to hurt and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. That first 8 thrusters felt ok.. that last 12 of the first round sucked. I hated it, but I am slowly getting some strength back in the wrist because it definitely felt better than before. The extra efforts spent on stretching my wrists helped as well. Still I have a lot of work to do.

The 1/2 burpie is a little strange. it’s a regular burpie but instead of a push up, you stop at the front leaning rest position. Then jump up sort of like a jumping jack. Strange, but a little hard after the stairs and all those thrusters. the sit-ups were almost a break in comparison.


I felt really good after this workout. Not sore so much, I expect that. No.. I had that feeling of a very satisfying workout. My sore spots are not any worse than normal, my tendonitis in my elbow is slowly mending so if feels really good to do have done this workout successfully.