“back room brawl” redux

My trainer likes to redo work outs once or twice a every couple of months to get a gauge of where I am at.  Today was one of those days.  We did a workout that I last did in March.  I blogged about it here: A new workout.

Today’s work out was a slight variation on what we did last time, but the WOD was not changed.  My Trainer had logged my results from the last time, and we compared it to today’s results.  The warmup was fairly typical for these new routines.  I do a 500 meter row, and then practice my forms with a stretching bar (a pvc pipe, or broom handle, the closet hanging rods work well too)

  • 500 meter row
  • standard stretches (legs, hips)

then immediately into the next round.  We really moved quickly through this workout at a faster pace than normal.  The whole workout lasted about 45 minutes because I was also a little late this morning.

2 rounds of

  • v – leg ups
  • wood choppers – 15 lb weight on a bar bell.
  • sit-ups – touch your toes with your legs straight up, right arm to left leg twice, then repeat with the left arm/right leg.
  • plank on a balance ball.

45 seconds for each exercise, do as many reps as possible, no break.

the WOD.  3 rounds.  Each exercise you perform for 1 minute as many reps as possible.  Each exercise is timed, so if you get tired, time is taken out of the next exercise in the routine.  Between each round I had a 2 minute break.  Each round was added up for a score, the goal was to maintain the same score for all three rounds.  The last time I did this I had an overall score of 185, and I was strongest in my first and last round.  Today I scored a 195, and I was strongest in my box jumps and push presses which surprised me because I am still recovering from some pulled muscles which should have affected the push presses.  The box jumps were still hard, but I was able to maintain a better pace.

  • wall ball – 16 kg ball  (averaging 20 reps)
  • sumo dead lift – 15 lb weights (15-18 reps
  • box jumps – (averaging 15-20 jumps)
  • push press – 10 lb weights (averaging 20)
  • row for calories (averaged 15 calories)

I was not as tired after this workout.  I definitely need to work on keeping the energy levels up while moving from one exercise to another.  This workout really hits your legs, the push press is the only real break you get.  the problem I have is I get a full minute on the wall balls, maybe 50 seconds on the sumo dead lifts, and the time I have to do the exercise is reduced the more I get tired.  My endurance at high energy levels needs improvement.

other than that, everything is peachy.