Red Bull: Bahrain Sidepod Analysis

Red Bull: Bahrain Sidepod Analysis.

More great analysis from ScarabsF1 blog.  Reading this article you get to see some of the intricate designs that go into the aero package of a modern Formula 1 car.

I really think that there is too much emphasis on aerodynamics in Formula 1 and this only diminishes the quality of the sport.  I look back at this old video interview with Jackie Stewart about how to drive Monaco with the car of his day (no aero)

He gives this great description on how the car responds through a corner which I think is something that’s missing.  In the pre-aero formula 1 cars, it was more up to the skills of the driver along with the mechanical grip of the car to navigate any given corner.

Look at the way cars are driven, there is far too much reliance on aerodynamic downforce that it has really diminished the quality of the racing event overall.  Look at the effects of the cars performance when the blown diffuser was banned, and now with Mercedes blown front wing…