A new workout

My workout beat me up today.  I have doubts that I can even remember what I did or what the names of the new exercise is.  I was truly whipped by the end of this workout.

The warmup was fairly typical for these new routines.  I do a 500 meter row, and then practice my forms with a stretching bar (a pvc pipe, or broom handle, the closet hanging rods work well too)

  • 500 meter row
  • standard stretches (legs, hips)
  • 10 good mornings
  • 10 overhead squats
  • arm rotations

then immediately into the next round.  We really moved quickly through this workout at a faster pace than normal.  The whole workout lasted under 50 minutes.

2 rounds of

  • v – leg ups
  • wood choppers – 15 lb weight on a bar bell.
  • sit-ups – a different kind of sit-up.  While lying on your back while holding  a 12 lb dumbbell, touch your toes with your legs straight up.
  • plank on a balance ball.

45 seconds for each exercise, do as many reps as possible, no break.

the WOD…  I forget what this was called.  Something like a back room bar fight or something…  3 rounds.  Each exercise you perform for 1 minute as many reps as possible.  Each exercise is timed, so if you get tired, time is taken out of the next exercise in the routine.  Between each round I had a 2 minute break.  Each round was added up for a score, the goal was to maintain the same score for all three rounds.

  • wall ball – 16 kg ball
  • sumo dead lift – 15 lb weights
  • box jumps
  • push press – 10 lb weights
  • row for calories

I was really tired after this workout.  more than normal.  I think it was the combination of my allergies and the faster pace of the workout.  I had a real hard time with the box jumps which I guess should not be surprising because that followed the wall balls and dead lift.  The push presses are getting better, I can feel the added mobility now that we have been able to work these into the routine.  I have bad rotator cuffs, and shoulder work is always painful until you can work around and strengthen the muscles that you want to work on.  So far, all this pain has been worth it.  My rotator cuffs don’t bother me as much as they used to, and hey I look great too…