Thursdays workout.

lots of new stuff last Thursday.  It was refreshing.

I thought the warmup was going to be the normal routine.  I walk about 5 minutes on the tread mill, then row 500 meters.

Not that day.

The new warmup kicked my ass.  I did the normal 500 meter row, but then instead of stretching we jumped into 2 rounds of the following for time.

  • 5 resistance pull ups
  • 10 back squats with a light weight bar, more for form, not weight.
  • 10 inch worm push ups
It is O’ dark early and I was just not prepared for that, I guess I got really conditioned to the old routine.  Next up I learned some new stretches using a foam roll.  This was awesome.  Back in December I pulled a muscle in my lower back and these new stretches hit the spot perfectly…  It felt awesome..  Here I am 3 days later and I have a lot more flexibility.
The stretch starts with your left or right hip on the foam roll.  If your on the left side, then your left leg is crossed over the  right like a figure 4.  then roll out over your butt up on to your lower back.  Each time you roll, you work your way onto your back and then to the other side.

The new stretches were only a warmup for the conditioning round.  This was brutal.

  • push press with 10 lb weights, 15 reps
  • box jump burpies, 12 reps
  • a new exercise called a leg through.  holding yourself up with your arms straight on raised platforms, you swing your legs front to back.  It’s kind of hard to explain.  It would be a lot easier with pictures.  anyhow, I did 10 reps.

The idea was to do 3 rounds within 15 minutes.  I got through 2 full rounds and then ran out of time on the last set of box jump burpies.

brutal conditioning round.