The epiphany

I had an epiphany….

 Or maybe I am just hitting that mid-life crisis,


It is something that has been building for quite some time, but due to other issues I have not been able to scratch this itch.  As I have been working at getting a decent plan together for this years race season, I had to take a look at the costs.  The car that I am driving, along with the class that I run, can be very expensive to run if you want to stay competitive.  There are two ways to stay competitive, buy the new hot car for the class and build a monster that will dominate for a few years, or spend more money and make an older car more competitive.

Street modified, the class that I run is all about converting a normal street car into a race car.  Not bad when you have the right hardware.  Back in  2004, I choose to stay competitive by getting a good street car, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and made one hell of an autocross car out of it.  I drove that car to 2 regional championships in Street Mod, and a number of second place finishes over the years.  Really a great car, but I have been wanting to do something different.

I had considered stripping the car down and going into the prepared class, but then I totally trash the value of the car.  Or drop a roll cage into it so I could start competing in hill climb events.  The state of the economy kind of killed that idea, plus, the nearest hill climb is about 300 miles away.

So what to do with a car that in europe they call the “poor mans Porsche”?

Then I found out about C Modified.  C Modified is a class that allows your to hand build a car, or take a former race car and modify it for auto crossing.  The class does not allow wings, if you want those, then your up into B Modified.  Someone that I know and trust described the modified classes like this.

F Modified through D Modified is all about building the optimal autocross car with a street or race car.  C modified is where you can take a dedicated open wheel race car and race it “stock”.  B modified is almost the same as C Modified, but you can add wings.  A Modified, it a free for all, build what ever you want, very little cars with the largest wings they can fit.

C modified is just really interesting because of the spec nature of the class.  What the SCCA has done is allow you to take an old Formula Ford 1600 open wheel race car and run it in C Modified.  Very cool…

I want one.

the type of car that I am looking for would be what is called an orphan.  This is a car that is too old to be competitive in the formula ford series, and too new for vintage racing.  From the research I have done so far, you want to get anything after 1985 when the Swift DB1 was release (pictured above).  This car transformed the series and a lot of good drivers got their start in these cars.

I really do want one.  The big question is, will I fit?  These are not exactly big cars.