Learned some new exercises today.

today I had a lot of new exercises in the routine along with a later than normal time.  Normally I workout in the mornings, but today I had  workout at noon which is a nice change of pace.

This was the first workout since last week.  I have been down with a cold and didn’t want to over do it.  I failed at that task, but that’s another story.

The warm up was the usual 500 meter row and stretching.  This workout was broken down a little different from I normally work out.  After the warmup, I did a small conditioning round.  3 rounds of the following:

  • barbell woodchoppers with a 10 lb weight on the barbell, 16 reps, 8 per side.
  • plank 1 minute
  • resistance running.  This was a new exercise.  You put a large resistance band around your waist, and then while my trainer is holding me back, I attempt to sprint 25 yards.

My trainer is a woman about 100 lbs or so, not really heavy.  On the sprints I was almost pulling her off her feet.  Before  I started working out in the gym, I used to ride mountain bikes for almost a decade after moving to california.  So my legs are pretty strong.  That sprint was a challenge.

Next up in the workout was a skill.  Dead lift at 165 for a 5×5.  5 reps for 5 rounds.  Not hard, but I have to work on my form more.

the conditioning was hard today.   2 rounds of the following:

  • 500 meter row
  • 25 thrusters with a barbell.
  • 20 side step box jumps.  1 rep is jump sideways onto the box and step.  Example:  side step to the right leading with the right foot, jump on the box, step down with the right foot leaving the left foot on the box.  that’s one rep.

This last conditioning was hard after the resistance running.  I got my legs worked today to give the shoulders a break.  They have been getting a little too sore lately.  I asked my trainer to swap it up some, so it’s a lot of core work along with beating up on the legs a bit.

I have to get back into a regular routine now that I am getting over this cold.  I have totally slacked off and it shows.