the new routine…

and so begins a new routine at the gym.

After starting to train at a new gym, I have to say that I really like it.  It’s the small atmosphere that you get in this studio over the hustle and busy nature of the franchise gyms.  It’s a much easier way to work out,  I am more relaxed, it’s easier to concentrate on the exercise.  I enjoy it, and it looks like my trainer is enjoying herself more.

This is a tremendous opportunity to learn new skills and to re-enforce the routines I have already learned.  It’s good fun, albeit O’dark early at 7am.  My energy levels are totally different.  I am exercising before breakfast now, so I am hungry by the time I get home.  My energy levels while working out are a bit lower, but appear to be more consistent as I work through my daily routine.

yesterday’s workout…

  • warm up – 500 meter row
  • stretch – Frankenstein’s, butt kicks, bear crawl, inch worm, flex the hips, shoulders, and back.
  • jump rope intervals 1 min on, 20 second rest for 10 rounds
  • leg raises – supporting yourself with your arms, lift your legs in a V, keeping your back straight and no swinging.
  • side crunch – supporting yourself with your arms, keeping your heels together, swing your legs to one side and then to another in a half crunch position.  These were really hard, but it was the first time doing something like this.
  • WOD – this was a hard one.  How many round could I make in 15 minutes?
    • 21 ring pull ups
    • 10 kettle bell burpies with a 35 lb weight
    • 10 step ups with a 60 lb weight on a bar bell. 5 reps each leg.
    • 100 meter row.

I think I made 4 rounds before running out of time.  That was really hard.  But I like that kind of feeling you get when your finished.  You know you have done something good.  Overall, as I keep working out, my recovery times are getting shorter while the effort needed to complete a workout pretty much stays the same.  I attribute that to a good trainer, something I am lucky to have.