working out at the new gym!

I started working out at a new gym this morning.  New time too…  7am O’dark early.

the gym is studio 831.  This is only the second gym that I have worked out since I have gotten started with my new healthier lifestyle.  I like the old gym I was going to, and I will continue to go there, but this new place is targeted towards cross fit training.

I like the gym.  It has more equipment for me to learn on, and with that, I am learning new exercises which is really what has drawn me to cross fit training.  I got to the gym early today, and there was a class that was finishing up.  It was easy to tell, everyone was tired and moving slowly.  A 6 am class, I don’t know if I could handle that. It is a bit too early for me, I need my coffee in the morning.

the workout

  • warmup – 500 meter row, followed by the normal stretches
  • todays workout was a skill followed by a strength, I practiced some new core exercises
    • 15 hip raises – while lying on your back on a bench, use a 8 kg ball held between your knees and raise your legs up straight.  then thrust your hips up, rolling off your back as you raise your hips, keeping your legs straight up.
    • single knee raise with a crunch.  – I forget what this was called, but it’s basically a crunch and raising one knee as you crunch.  I also used a pad that supported my lower back which made this much easier because crunches always bother my lower back.  If I remember correctly, I did 16 reps, 8 per knee.
    • The strength section was a 5×5 rounds.  The weight was 165, about 80% of my max.  I did 5 reps for 5 rounds with a 2 minute rest between each round.  The last two rounds were killer and my form was a little lacking.  But this time I tried something new, and I am going to stick with it.  Instead of looking the mirror,  I had my back to it.  Without looking at myself in the mirror actually forced me to concentrate on my form more.  My trainer said that it’s better to “feel” the form, than to look at it.  Feeling the form makes your overall movement more accurate.  I could really feel the difference, so I think I am going to stick with this technique from now on (at my trainers discretion of course)
  • The conditioning round was simple.  I hate simple….  when the conditioning round is simple, it is usually stupid hard to get through.   Today’s round, a real easy 3 rounds of 3 exercises to get done in 15 minutes or as fast as possible.
    • 12 assisted pull ups – the pull ups were assisted with an essentially a really large rubber band.  I train with Vibram foot fingers, and I found it hard to get in and out of the band.  The sole of the shoe/sock kept catching the rubber band.
    • 21 kettle bell swings with a 20 kg weight – I have not done these for a while now, my form showed.
    • 25 meter sled push with 50 lb total weight. – This was new.  It’s basically a metal sled that you load up with bar bell weights and push it around the parking lot.  The parking lot surface is a sealed tarmac so the sled can slide with less resistance than I expected.  Still, the effort to push this sled while sprinting is harder than I can describe.

yeah… today’s workout was hard.  I’m tired.  At least I can do some thing pleasant like get ready to pay my taxes.  I am really looking forward to working out at this gym.  It’s something fresh, something new.  I am getting away from those pre-canned franchised gyms to a small studio where it’s a bit more personal.  I think that is the right word.  I get a good vibe out of this place, so I think this was a good decision.  My trainer really likes the new place and I do as well.  There is a lot of new equipment to learn, rope climbing, different machines for cardio and weights.  It’s new, it’s different, and stoked about it.